Friday, July 17, 2009

New Chapter

As people say,humans change. And so do I. And right now,the time has arrived for me to open a new chapter of my life. For the last minute decision, I've decided to accept the offer to Sek.Men.Sains Bagan Datoh(SABDA). It was a sudden decision from me and I swear I've no idea where I got the strength to proceed with the decision.

The first time I stepped in the school, I felt nothing. I prayed a lot to Allah,hopefully I am doing a very wise decision. It was empty deep inside my heart. Maybe at the moment I'm still missing my buddies. Wondering what they're doing without me. And for the first time in my whole life,I hate the feeling I had at the moment. Feeling left out alone.

As time goes by,I started to love the school. I begin to adapt myself with the new environment that I never knew all this while. The best part is I discovered the other side of me which I've never seen before this. I started to endure hardship, value of friendship and so on. Undeniable the learning method in this school isn't the same as my previous school. I must admit, I depend a lot on my friends and classmates help. And I get to know various types of people as I love to observe how people behave themselves.
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