Sunday, January 6, 2013


Oh,I really missed the chance to update my blog like like two weeks ago. Bet some of you must be wondering how was my JPJ test went. Urm,yeah, it didnt went well. I failed on the road test because too bad for me,I got the the the grumpy JPJ with me during test and from my observation and further analysis,he could be charged for intentionally make all the attempts to make me fail the test. Urgh! Entah apa kejadah. Bukan enjin aku mati pun. Gaduh dengan bini dia agaknya. Pfft.. So kesimpulannya nanti aku kena repeat on the road punya test jela. Sedih tapi tulah orang kata rezeki tak de kan. :(

So now currently I am officially a degree student. Bachelor Education of TESL. Herm. Extremely delighted with this title. I completed the orientation last thursday so today is the first day of lecture. Actually we have no classes for today. Since it is the first day,the lecturers still trying to manage the timetable since all the three classes of TESL have the same timetable. herm herm. It looks like the combination of class will be likely to occur in some of those class. Me dont like this. HERM HERM.

For this first semester of degree we have 7 subjects. The craziest part here is to get the first degree it must be 3.8 pointer and above. Now, I am not sure if I could pursue that dream of mine or not. :'( 3.8 is way too high. Very very high i tell you. Nevermind, I'll work with everything I could,if Allah opens the path for me to get that first class degree,He will let me. In shaa Allah. =)

Sometimes, I'm afraid. Or maybe we could say as intimidate with myself. I tend to let myself drowned in my own thoughts and become totally distracted. I mean,all the absurd thoughts that shouldnt have appear in the first place. I just regret it. I'm afraid if all these thoughts distract me so much that I astray from my main mission and objective of coming here. To study and to hold that degree,the degree which my parents have been looking forward to. I dont want to get too overwhelmed with those things. I want to focus with everything I should and ought to.

Wish me luck guys! Pray for me would be even better.

I really need your support. :'D

Izzatulisme said :

I really hope I could stay handsome like this or getting better. I miss me. I love me. And I need me.

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