Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cold as you.

Maybe I've been travelling backwards too much lately. 

Dear friend,

I'm sorry, its not that I refused to open my heart. Its just that I am not ready for anything related to this. The old wound still doesnt heal,well,literally it's still bleeding. Every little tip of blood scratch my heart and I need,really need to seek for my remedy. Well,to be honest, I dont feel like I should be opened up to anybody at this moment because the last time I did, I got hurt. Deeply hurt,even hearing the voice from the person itself could tear me into pieces. You have no idea how badly affected I am. I am afraid of getting hurt again as I cant,really cant afford another heartbreak. I am not able to stand when my knees are weak, I dont possess that kind of strength. I am currently trying to move on from the past. And I sincerely believe moving on doesnt necessarily require a new partner. When Allah is with me, I'll be fine as well as everything. For the time being,let me keep all the love and care to myself until Allah sends me my other half. I appreciate you as a friend. I really do.

I cant afford another heartbreak, so I pray that the next time I meet a new person,he will be the one,my other half. 


"The only way to prevent my heart from getting broken again is to act like I dont have one."
(Noorazita Abdullah,2012)

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Aku tak kata aku alim.
Apatah lagi warak.
Aku sedar aku ni siapa.
Bukan sesiapa yg layak nak cakap pasal agama.
Ilmu aku dangkal. Tapi aku ada niat yg baik utk kita.
Solat pagi petang siang malam belum tentu terjamin jadi ahli syurga.

Aku tahu tu,kawan.

Tapi tak salah rasanya kalau aku ajak kau buat benda baik,sama sama dengan aku.
Biar kalau jadi baik,kita sama sama jadi baik.
Cuma aku kecewa,kenapa?
Kenapa ajakan aku macam tak diendah langsung?

Aku tahu,nak buat benda baik mmg payah.
Jujur aku kata,
Kau orang yg rapat,dekat dgn hati aku.
Jadi kalau kita buat benda baik sama sama,semangat itu jadi lebih.
Rasa seronok nak buat benda baik tu meluap luap.
Betul,sebab tu aku bersungguh ajak kau.
Pujuk ; baik cara kasar mahupun lembut.
Sebab aku nak kalau boleh,baik buruk,cantik hodoh,semua benda kita buat sama sama.
Kau kan kawan baik aku?

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