Saturday, January 30, 2010

First of 2010

The first entry of 2010. A month in hostel, I just couldn't believe my eyes that a month has started to step away from me. With all the packed schedule. Dramas and tears. Say hello to February.

Yeah,for the first time since I entered SABDA, I shed my tears because some of the people whom I considered as my close friends. I just can't accept the fact that the people I trust most would even think to hurt me. It's killing me inside when I had to put a smile in front of them when in my heart I cried and screamed like a baby. Not trying to be a professional hypocrite, but that's life. Forgive and forget. A cliche advices. To forgive is easy but to forget it takes time. Forgetting the most hurtful moments in your life,is like healing your own wounds without any medicine or treatment that can cure you. And to be honest,it never heals.

A month is a long journey. After Form 1's registration,I received new members of my house. Anak-anak buah baru. I still can't remember the boys but as for the girls,I've started to memorize their names and faces. Congrats to me! Hehe... Kind of busy this month. Can't think much. On the first day of school we were given homework. I laughed to myself. For about 11 years going through school's life,thawas the first time I completed my homework on the first day of school. It was superbly incredible. Hari ini dalam sejarah. Haha..

Next Tuesday,registration for the Form 4's. My pleasure to meet them. I will be the assistant for En.Moharni and En.Shafwan,handling the counter of 4 Al-Farghani. Going to meet next generation of Al-Farghani. Till then,homeworks waiting.

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