Friday, October 21, 2011

Take it slow.

Dear Mr.H,

It never came across my mind that since the first approach you were actually giving me hints. You were doing it differently, unlike most of the guys. Even I could never read it. Your first approach seems so friendly and warm. You make me feel comfortable to be around you. You treat me like a best friend. Attention after another from you towards me. We're in the same course but different classes so I assumed you were trying to mingle around.

Of course, we never get involved in any group work together but you managed to get rid of the awkwardness. As if we've known for ages. Yes yes, you are somehow pretty unique in your own way. You were willingly to be the crying shoulder whenever I need it. You said all things that I am dying to hear whenever I feel broken even I never tell you. Well, honestly I really do consider them as a part of harmless flirt from a guy like you. Even until now. I mean you are the friendly type. Well, I just cant seem to trust a guy that much right now.

Yet, after some time, you are showing the affection without saying any single word about it continuously. You left me with no words and clear statements. Making things even confusing. And there you are, reaching for me most of the time. Somehow, I do admit, it makes me wonder. But then, I prefer to let it just pass by as I am still in the condition of uncertainty. Until that day, you assure me that all the affection are not simply affection. They carried their own meaning significantly.

And I just cant seem to take it seriously.
I dont know. Maybe I'm afraid of getting hurt.
I still regard all of these as one of silliest jokes ever happened in my life.

Lets just take this slow.
They said, don't rush things.

By the way, I am so glad,really glad to know you and having you as a part of my life.
Trust me.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Serius gempak.

Okay, sangat penuh aktiviti kebelakangan ni. Macam macam event nak organise. And most importantly, ada exhibition untuk subject Social Studies hari tu. Agak dah lama,but I didnt manage to make a note about it here. So here it goes. Berdasarkan kepada kehebatan dan kegempakan kami yang tahap dewa, maka group kami memilih untuk mempamerkan kebudayaan Jawa since tema yang diberikan adalah tema masayarakat Malaysia. Saja pilih tema yang pelik sebab nak berlagak gila habis konon macam group aku yang paling hebat! HAHA! *evil laugh* Sebab dah bosan sangat semua orang nak pilih Melayu, Cina, India, so instead of choosing yang cliche, better kita jadi out of the box sikit, ye tak? So we came up with this.

Dan kerana ingin menyiapkan exhibition inilah maka saya terpaksa mengorbankan sedikit keutamaan terhadap keluarga tercinta terutamanya kakak saya kerana saya tidak dapat menghadirkan diri di majlis pertunangannya yang sangat lah saya impikan untuk hadir selama ini. Kalau jarak rumah dengan Kelantan ni dekat, bahagianya saya. To be honest, tersangat sedih sebab kakak is the closest person to me dalam adik beradik and for sure, I would love to be beside her during her significant day, tapi apakan daya, exhibition ini menuntut markah assignment saya. Jadi suka tak suka, memang kena korban. Even it hurts that much to see pictures of the hantaran and the engagement day itself.

So to my dearest kakak, selamat bertunang. Dah nak jadi isteri orang tu, please be more matured. HAHA!
God knows how much I will miss you when you get married. Tinggal lah diriku yang bujang ini seorang diri.

Izzatulisme kata :

1. Sedang sibuk macam gila dengan musical drama.
2. Sedang rasa bersalah dengan seseorang
3. Sedang rasa kusut dan serabut
4. Sedang merindui sekumpulan manusia
5. Sedang mengalami kesihatan yang kurang meyakinkan.
6. Sedang mengenali seseorang. =)

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