Friday, August 3, 2012

Pacing Back.

Whenever I hear "You Took My Heart Away" by Michael Learns to Rock,

"A Thousand Years" by C.Perri,

"Next to You" by Chris Brown

"Heart Vacancy" by The Wanted,

pasaraya "Tunas Manja"


whenever I eat Tempoyak Ikan Patin,

Whenever I watch Kobe Bryant in basketball,

Liverpool matches,

or people wearing Liverpool jersey,

or the tag "You'll Never Walk Alone"


dikir barat,

or see the Redbull drink anywhere,

or gazing at a watch with the brand of ROSCANI,

I could still recall when we used to exchange our watches.

And sadly, none of them could not lighten up my memory towards you.

Every single one of them seems to steal my thoughts on you.

Dear heart,please stay strong. :')

p/s : Will be going back tomorrow to Selangor. Eventhough it will be only for two days,but I still feel the contentment to be at home. I dont know,with all this misery, home is my only remedy.

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