Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Month Later...

After a month leaving this blog,oh my goodness! I miss my blog damn much! Last updated a month ago. Haha. What a pity! A lot of things I need to write. About pantun at the early of the month, about exams, about father's birthday celebration, about Hari Guru celebration.

Oh,first of all, I would like to wish my
dad happy birthday. You are 54 years old dad! May Allah bless you. On Wednesday,Dad took us to Kenny Rogers(KR) for a treat for his birthday. Nyum! Nyum! Luckily exam is over. Nothing to worry about anymore. So we only went to AEON Jusco since it is the nearest KR we could find. As we arrived, I saw a few of my schoolmates of Form 5 students were taking pictures of themselves. It giggled me to see how their attitude was at the moment.

It may be too late to say anything about Pantun but still I just wanna remind myself about it in this blog of mine,ok? The full stop for pantun has arrived. Say good bye to pantun since we won second place for the state level. We lose to TEKSHA(SMK Teknik Shah ALAM). Nevertheless,it was a huge satisfaction for me to make teachers feel proud for our achievement this year. Thanks to everyone.

Exams? Ouh,please! I prefer not to say anything about exam. As they say,let bygones be bygones,aite? As for now, all I have to do is enjoying myself until the fullest after the end of holidays.

Teacher's day celebration today. Gosh! It was beyond my expectation. Every performance attract our attention since it's just only the four of us(NANIRO). Romai was busy with her work,handling the events while Nabel went for holiday.

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