Sunday, October 18, 2009


As soon as I arrived at Klang and on my way to go home, I received a call from ain. I thought she was about to ask me to go out for this weekend. Well,I mean nothing much serious than I expected. But everything turned to be different. I received the news that one of my primary school's friend passed away. I was speechless. He was one of my closest friends when I was in primary. After a few years I didn't get to see him in person, finally I heard he has gone. The worst part is I didn't even get the chance to meet him for the last time. The chance to say how much I missed our childish attitude. The chance to ask how he manage his life in boarding school. And the chance to have the very last conversation with him. But everything is just a wish that will never come true. Allah loves him more. May his soul rest in peace. I told Farah,and she was just like me. No words could utter from her mouth. Losing a person is not easy. Eventhough he is not here with us, but I do believe everyone who knows him loves him just like I do.


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