Sunday, September 6, 2009

Melodious Tunes

I'm home again for this weekend. Haha,silly! Just went back to hostel for about 4 days and now I'm home again. Spending my short holiday wisely. Yeah,right! Actually,I was planning to stay at hostel for this weekend and refused to go back since it will be just another two weeks for Raya. But then,I need to finish some works so here I am. Sitting in front of my computer,updating my beloved blog. Ouwh,talking about Raya, I haven't prepared anything yet for Raya except the baju kurung. The theme for this year? Not sure,need to check again. Haha! Honestly,this is my first Ramadhan without my NANIRO. Wondering how their Ramadhan is. I miss miss miss them so bad! Updates from their blog are enough to make me smile.

I bet fasting month is a bless from Allah to me. I do not face any sleepy diseases in class so far in which it is incurable disease for me before this. Even when the teacher is not in the class, even when I saw everyone is enjoying their slumber in the class, I prefer to finish my homework or did something else rather than switch off my eyes. Weird huh? Haha. Hopefully it will last. I do not wish to get sleepy in class. Its suffocating! Oh,Romaizatul Shaqira. She turns sixteen years old today. Happy birthday sweetie! I pray may Allah bless you in every single thing you do. Our birthday both in fasting month! How lucky to us right?

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