Sunday, September 16, 2012


Kadang kadang kan,
I dont know.
At this stage,bukan nak berlagak bajet kuat tough ke apa,
 its just that aku ada satu rasa yang datang tiba tiba.

I want to be the kind of person that when people look at me and  learn my story,
they'll be like " wonder la dia jadi macam ni ye sekarang?"

I want people to understand that every lesson comes from my life is significant,each.
And I am not the type of person who lets people enter and escape my life as they please.
I'm not that easy,for God sake.
I make friends but my feeling is not to be toyed.
Tak tau what is the main idea that keeps lingering on my head since just now,but I am looking forward to be that kind of person.

And most important part is ; I want the person who responsible for it to know,to be aware no man should be redeemed as the main cause of all these unless that person itself. Yes my dear you, I am talking about you.

Izzatulisme : Terinspired kejap daripada cerita senior kot. Ah,aku ni mmg mudah terpengaruh budaknya. Kau letak Mr.Patrick depan aku and said that he looks similar to Spongebob pun aku dah senang nak terpengaruh. hewhew

*eh,tu mcm bangang sangat pulak kot? =='

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