Friday, February 28, 2014

Long Old Talk

I've been  restraining myself from thinking or talking about you ever since like that day.
"Benda dah lama. Takkan tak habis lagi? Sampai bila nak ingat balik benda lama?" they said. I know and well aware of the fact. But to me, its like everything just happened yesterday.
Im trying to let the chips fall where they may or letting things going according to its own flow.

But everyday I encounter many incidences that remind me of us.
I keep myself busy with things to do. I join everything. I get involve with almost everything within my range. Not because I wanted to be busy. Not because I enjoy being tired. Its the underlying meaning you will never understand.

Because I'm trying to let go of what I can't change.

I abandon people who hurt me, I abandon things that can make me weak.

Encountering you in my daily life aint easy. But I should never get weakened by this.

So here I am now.

I kneel down every day, praying and wishing. Really wish.

I've lost hope. Not on myself. But on us. You have abandoned this station since ages,man. And I should get going by now.

So my only hope now,one day, I will be able to look at you,smile and feel nothing.

I hope. I really do,Ya Allah.

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