Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Que Sera Sera

"Its easier to run but its more painful.

Face the pain, live with it, bounce back and move on"

Sangat terkesan dengan ayat ni. Thank you brader. You just made something remarkable to someone. :')
I used to run away for miles, run like there's no other exit but it just complicates my journey.

There are times when you have to accept things the way they are in order not to feel hurt.
Accepting means you understand and know things are not the way you wish it should be.

Because you know, pain is inevitable but suffering is optional.
And by that way, I understand too that my suffering has never been inevitable, it happens by choice,my choice to be precise.

So now, I've decided to let my heart open and accept everything. Be kind,be nice and do not go against anything that is fated for me. It hurts more.

I never know on your side what actually happened, I just hope you are doing good though. :')

P/s : Rasa mcm blog ni my mistress. Bila bosan, sedih baru cari dia. heheeh. Sorry though. Nanti dah stabil baru cari awok bebetul eh. Sayang awak sampai bila bila. :D

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