Friday, August 28, 2009

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

"Every cloud has a silver lining". So,words never lie,huh? What's that supposed to mean? A muslim's obligation, 5.30 a.m today, I woke up and had my sahur together with mum and dad. After performed my Subuh prayer, I was planning to continue my homework after that since I accidently fall asleep last night. Unfortunately, luck was not on my side. When I was about to open my book and took a pen from my pencil case, electric supply was out of service! Damn it! It's only me left in the house while dad sent mum to her office. Raining heavily outside, oh, absolutely the sun will not show itself this morning. Where should I get source of light? Candles were nowhere to be found.

Torchlight? I've no idea where dad put that thing. Come on! Don't tell me this is how my day would began for today. I glanced at the clock, 7 o'clock? Oh dear! What am I supposed to do in this house alone by myself? The darkness that surrounded me gave me a creepy look. At last, I think I better get some sleep. 'Perhaps the people are doing their job' my mind said. But still, after a few hours waiting with hopes, there's no sign my wish would come true. Can I watch tv please? Arghh! So, the best way to get out myself out of this boredness, I took my mp3. Oh,it can't be happening! The mp3 was running out of battery,need to be charged. Fine,handphone is there, isn't it? Ah,not again! Battery low? switched off automatically before I had a chance to text mum, telling my condition. There you go.

I was like a mad person, searching for anything I could do to kill the time. Finally, 2.15 p.m, I heard sounds of tv from my room. Yippie! My patience is not a waste! Lalala... Berbuka time! Right before azan Maghrib, my phone rang which means a text message received. From hotlink '...successfully topup with RM10'. I asked both my parents,sis and bro. No one admit. Haha! Another lucky day. Well, I bet they must have put the wrong number and accidently the money goes into my account. Say I'm mumbling? I don't care. I'm too happy to get furious with unnecessary things. Whoever you are "Mr, Mrs or Ms. Generous, I just want to thank you for making my day. Yeah, silver lining deserves it's name!

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