Saturday, April 17, 2010

Behind Reflection

May is coming very soon. It means the deal that I keep is coming to it's deadline. That day, I had a short conversation with Ba. Ba asked me again about my "sayang mati". I told Ba that I'm the type that once I fall for someone,I won't look for anything else. Ba said "Bahaya kau ni weyh". Haha..

Ba dare me to spill out all my feeling towards my "sayang mati". Haha.. There's no way I would do it,Ba. Kalau kau nak aku mati,mungkin aku akan buat. Haha.. Dahlah jumpa hari-hari. Ci'en and Aja remind me for so many times about the deal but it seems that I just don't care about it. Let it be. I don't care if I would be the loser's side. I still want to stick to what I'm holding right now. Getting comfortable with it though I have to put different masks each day. Say I'm mad? My pleasure.

Right now, as I'm trying to get over my deal, I finally met someone who I suppose could make me see the way to fade the memory of him. I guess everything began on Sports Day. And now,I feel the happiness whenever I saw the "someone". Looking for him everyday.

My life has a superb cast
I can't figure out the plot.

-Nazihah Yahya-


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