Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cherish similarities,Respect Differences.

Recently, a friend came to me and spilled out everything. Why on earth should she had chosen me? Well,I guess I am just too trustable. All the things she has to face in her new surrounding. Or precisely,her new place. The place where she needs to further her study. So here how it goes.

She was appointed as the assistant of the class representative. All she has to do is exactly what an assistant monitor in a classroom supposed to do , just like those years in school back then. And she has this particular class representative who she needs to contact him most of the time to ask about things regarding their class. To her consternation, it turned out to be, this guy actually thinks the girl is so into him. And he is trying to avoid this unfortunate girl by blocking her on his facebook account and spread the news that she really likes him and humiliated her to everyone in their college. Perhaps, you should imagine how a hot guy would run from his secret admirers.

She asked me, “what am I supposed to do? I can’t stand them anymore. This is so sickening. They don’t treat me like the way I am supposed to be treated”.

I sighed. To be frank, I had no idea what I can do to help, speechless. I am not a problem-solver neither. I cant solve things in the blink of an eye. So, I asked her back, “do you really like that boy?

The answer was no. well,at least that’s what she told me. and I believed her. I took a deep breathe,generating ideas. And ting! One idea came. I quickly turned the conversation into a counseling session. And I told her these.

“ Okay dear friend. For the time being,lets just keep it low. Let him thinks what he may possibly think. He may spread the news,but he can never touch you. But just bare in your mind, you need a mental strength to face this kind of rare species. Like seriously an inner strength,to ignore and act like you couldn’t care less about that kind of whatnot-thingy. As time goes by,he will get bored and fed up. Have faith in me. “

She moaned, saying if only things aren't that complicated. So I soothed her. Put on some confidence in herself.

"Just in case he crosses the line, that should be the exact time for you to act like a man. Meet and talk to him. Settle these things like an adult. We're not leading a school's life anymore. We're growing up,anyway."

She was doubting herself and said thanks for those advices. I let her to choose by her own.

Dear friend,in this reality world,we can never shut people's mouth. They can talk bad about us. They can judge us. They can humiliate us. They can do almost anything to us, but yet,there's one power that we hold in ourselves. We have the power to choose either to be just as a loser as them by following how they act or make ourselves better by assuming all that they are currently doing are not worth any single second of your time. Simple, just ignore. I know, it may sounds easy but it never was.

Again, it's my pleasure to remind you, we are entering a new phase of life. And we should act like one. Seriously,have my words. We dont want to waste our time to a person who doesn't deserve it. One thing for sure,dont simply give up to the situation. You were not born to be a pathetic quitter arent you?

To the boys, just because a girl keep reaching for you, doesn't mean she has a crush on you. Dont get so full of yourselves. There are plenty of girls out there who value the meaning of being friendly. Just try and take a deep look on how big the differences between being friendly and flirting.

To the girls, just because you are assigned to work with a boy, doesn't mean he is an open-minded type as you've always expected. Dont get yourself too close with him when you are just about to get to know him in person. You never know what kind of person you're dealing with. They may be as narrow-minded as it could possibly be. By now, I bet we are supposed to expect various kinds of people right?

Well,at least this is what I can do to help. Though it's nothing more than just words,but if you just take a sip of consideration to my thought,you'll get what I mean.

p/s : Take note. I'm not good in motivating.


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