Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lets grow up,people.

Yesterday I was on the phone with one of my friends. And he asked me if I ever heard any news regarding a girl, who he has been waiting like forever but never quit. I said, yeah. I've had some short conversation with the girl a day before,asking how well she is doing at her current place now.

So,I ponder. I asked back.

"Why didn't you reached for her? Were you trying to keep a distance between both of you?".

And he was quite unsure if that was the best thing he could do. Is he supposed to proceed with it or just face all these things like a man. I smiled. Calmly, I answered him as if I am one of the expert Dr.Love.

If you are strong enough to adapt with the fact that she now has someone else, then I think there's no harm in approaching her as in terms of friends.
But if you are still unstable,uncertain of your own strength, then I think distancing yourself should be a good first step.

He spoke no words. And keep the silence. Well, I think I should just let him drowned in his thought.

Well friend, yeah. I never said it was easy to really give up on something when you are actually hoping for it, like seriously hoping all your waiting was worth everything. But somehow, no one knows how your luck would turned out to be in months from now? Or perhaps,hours from now? And yeah. No matter how hard we try to forget someone, we can never avoid from looking forward to all that person's updates,how they are doing right now,even from far. Even they never know and never care. You can't simply kill the curiosity when you actually love the feeling. Its how you enjoy the moment of waiting. And yes, believe it or not, you rather feel hurt seeing them happy with someone else than feel nothing at all.

To be honest,this is what I think can really suits your situation as well as mine,friend.
(accidentally found it ; Tumblr is really understanding* HAHA!)

Wait for someone who worth it.
And leave someone who dont deserve your time.
One fine day, he/she will come.
Out of nowhere.
Just like Micheal Buble said,
You just havent met him/her yet.

Dont doubt me. I know, it is not easy, but at least just give it a try. Step by step is better than nothing at all,right? You keep my words. And stick to it. Hold tightly and when the time comes,everything will be just fine. There is someone waiting for you, out there and right now wondering where are you right now. HAHA! That's life,man!


  1. sorakan gemuruh untuk entri ini. aku pun tengah tunggu seseorang yang aku tahu tak pernah sekalipun tunggu aku -___-

    dan seperti biasa, aku yg bodoh masih terus menunggu... dan menunggu... dan menunggu... mungkin nanti aku akan bosan menunggu dia.

    Aku tunggu orang lain pula :| proses yg sama, manusia berbeza.

    *sorry aku tktau kenapa aku taip mcm ni*

  2. another tip to forget someone is to hate that person. i know i'm heartless so what. it's easier than to let the damn time to heals the heart. am i right?

  3. eqa ; oh yeah. aku rasa majoriti orang sdg mengalami saat menanti orang yang kita suka. tapi macam tggu for nothing kan. dan seperti biasa juga, kita tahu benda tu sangat lah sengal dan gila. tapi kita macam tak boleh. sangat susah nak moved on walau berapa banyak kali kita cuba. sampai kita cuba seseorang yg lagi baik dpd yg sebelum ni. tp cuba saja lupa. sbb kita selalu tak sedar bila kita dah moved on sebenarnya.

  4. mira ; haha. nak hate someone yang kau syg is not that easy syg. kau cuba lah sekaut mana pun but trust me kau akan end up ingat kan dia. sebab,by hating that person even more, you will keep remember about him. tp ada certain org boleh hidup dgn cara mcm itu. so it all depends on us lah kan. =D


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