Sunday, December 23, 2012

Unlike Any Other Dreams

Another one week left before my lovely over-one-month semester break is going to end. And the upcoming month will be super duper busy hectic i tell ya. Dengan nak hari sukan nya lah,ada larian apa kebenda nya lah. Well,those are annual activities so I guess they should be expected lah kan? *sigh

Oh yeah,actually this time I am not really going to tell about my boring-not-lovely-holiday that I spent. How I wake up everyday,urm,yeah. I dont think that's necessary. NGEE~ :D

Grappling with my thoughts,urm,well,yeah,I've been thinking about this one thing.

Have you ever dreamt of someone whom you never know or met in person but just come into your view as your friend's friend? The person who you only know solely based on their name,and only a vague picture? Yeah yeah,I know this one is pretty confusing but let's just put this one into a big whole dimension of your imagination. Err.. I dont know how to describe this but yes, it happened to me. No no,I'm not the one who dreamt but I was the one to be in the dream of my friend's friend.

It was quite nerve-wrecking when I was being told about it. Because come to think of it,how on earth would you dream of someone who you never knew in person? Okay okay,unless you are a like a famous-rich-with-great-publicity all over the press then yes,it shouldn't be a question. Blergh! I dreamt of Fahrin Ahmad once okay? =='

And the best part is the person who invited me into that "thrilling" dream was a guy. He is a friend to my friend in IPG. And I still wonder how did he know my name,and and and the biggest wonder here is how did he know that I was the one in the dream? I mean,how did he recognize me if he never met me?

This was what he told my friend,

"Eh,malam tadi aku ada mimpi kawan hang yang nama apa tu,izzatul tu ha".

Should I or shouldn't I had that massive jaw-dropped at that moment? Hello,of course I should. Really? Like seriously? In fact, I have just seen his picture only once. Itu pun jelas tak jelas. I mean its not like I have that clear picture of him in my mind. And how come this whole-cutey face of mine can ever invade a stranger's dream? I was kind of freaked out but its nothing like scared to the hell ke apa. Its just like,I had that queer feeling. Super duper queeeeerrrrr~~ Please dont tell me you won't feel the same if you were to be in my place?

Then I just laughed after she told me that. Come on,she was also shocked hearing that. So I have more than reasonable reasons to always wonder and wonder indeed.

Since then, I started to take a deeper look at this guy's face through his facebook and twitter. You know, just to make any detail analyze just in case i happened to meet this guy somewhere I never know, or maybe he was my childhood friend. I mean,who knows? Maybe there's any chance we were friends before. But no,I have been trying so hard to match the face recognition of his with my mind memory but none seems compatible.

No,dont misunderstood. Its nothing like perasan ke bajet bajet ke apa. I just wonder. Because it never happened to me. Never. Never. Ever. If any stranger happened to be acting in my dreams,I wouldnt know if he or she is somewhere out there whom I never met. Yeah,I admit this is very first time for me. Laugh as you wish,I dont mind.

But lets just be honest, you wonder about it too right? NGAHAHAHAHAH!! :P

Footnote by Izzatulisme :

this is the free-typing version of entry without any backspace. Any typo should be considered. And and grammatical error kindly be forgiven. I'm no English Guru yet. TEEHEE~~

P/s : I miss the old me so bad. I just want her back. Thats all. =)

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