Saturday, January 3, 2009

i'm in love baby!

i'm in love babeyh! yeah! really madly deeply in love!
oh God! i'm so into instrumental songs right now. thanks to iera much much. especially instrumental from violin and piano! gosh! its sounded nice! i wish i know how to play both the instrument. n now i'm collecting as much as instrumental songs as i closed.~

last night,i was messaging with my best primary school friend till late night. we talked bout a lot of things. nazar,ambition,and spice it up with some gossip is a must. hahaha. typical girls,isn't it? duh,i missed her damn much! long time no see her though we live in the same neighbourhood. ouh,i forgot to buy a school's bag. school is just less than 2 days. nvm. i'll just use the old one first.

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