Friday, January 2, 2009

overwhelmed with gratitude!

although it may be a bit late,but i still wanna thank God for hearing all my prayers all this time. everything seems so fresh for me. orang cakap,tahun baru azam baru. well,as for me,for the first time in my whole life my aim for last year sudah pun tercapai. and the best part is i could shared the happiness with my friends. all my primary school's friends no matter which school they entered. esp NANIRO that helped me a lot. the "laughter" discussion really helps me much much. i owed them. before this,we argued bout who's the cleverest n whatsoever. but now guyz,we are ALL at the same level. saya sayang mereka sangat sangat. and right now,new semester for all of us. and the next target is spm.

oh yeah,about aswad's father. i was suprised when i got a message from musa said aswad's father passed away around 10p.m on the result's day. pity him. just right after the result,he lost his father. its ok aswad. God loves him more. at least he still has his beloved family. life must go on.

next monday,back to school. back to usual schedule. study,school,sleep. three "S" that a student can't avoid. see you guyz next monday!

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