Sunday, January 25, 2009

school's life

fuh..i'm back. hee~ sorry guys bcoz i left my blog for too long. esp naddy. pity her. almost everyday she asked me to update my blog. i'm just not in the mood baby! yeah. so many things happened to me lately and of course some of them make me wanna laugh. huhu. about a month i went through form 4's life. haha. first of all. about that new student. si mamat beg oren yang telah di"skandal"kan bersama ogy scr rasminya. haha. he's so irritating. i just dont get it why he's always trying to pick a fight with me. macam lah aku buat dosa dengan kau mamat? whenever i asked something politely he would replied like shit! haha! n the worst part was the first the time he talked to me face to face with his sarcastic smile n the thing he said was"kelakuan kau agak pelik/kelakar bagi aku" what the hell mamat ni? aishhh.. kalau tak sebab kau bdk baru aku da maki hamun kau taw! okayh. case closed psl mamat ni yang mungkin cuti sekolah ni aku berdoa dia dapat petunjuk untuk buat baik dengan orang ramai. hee~

n then about the other guy yang juga telah di"skandal"kan dgn ain scr rasminya. chill ain! joke ok. dia ni lagi satu. at first, i thought he tried to talk to me because he wanna know my best friend. biasa la kan. orang kata nak kenal orang yang kita suka,kena la rapat dengan orang yang rapat dengan orang yang kita suka tu. haha. awal-awal dulu rasa nak muntah jugak tengok this guy punya attitude. esp when i was buying nasi ayam. i've waited like hell n then he and his friends came up n ordered nasi ayam n yang paling bengang mereka boleh dapat nasi ayam dulu? hello kak,saya datang dulu supposed saya la dapat dulu. seriously,i cursed a lot that day esp to that guy. mula-mula semua orang kena kan ain balik bila aku cerita kat mereka how that guy behave. i was like happy of course dapat kenakan orang. its my nature. huhu. n then last-last aku yang kena? huh? kenapa aku pula yang menjadi mangsa? oh tidak! aku kena betul kan keadaan ini sebelum menjadi semakin parah. ain had once advice me not to hate someone to that extent. yela,takut nanti benci betukar jadi lain. huh? me? impossible!

n the latest one,yesterday a mysterious number missed call me. i thought it was a friend of mine so i sent a text message to the anonymous. suddenly he replied"kau budak andalas kan?". i was wondering to myself. who's this guy? n i replied "kau siapa? aku kenal kau?" he said i knew him. his name n class i think not necessary to be mentioned. the problem is,i dont even know who the hell is this guy yang mengaku i knew him. and yang peliknya,he even asked me whether i knew noor amrina. of course it was that nazirah's friend. huih? peliknya. he asked me amrina dah ada boyfriend ke. hoy mengong! aku kawan dengan dia pun tak jauh sekali nak taw hal hal peribadi dia. this guy even know i am a prefect. n he asked me a silly question. what is my name. i asked him back,"u knew my number for sure u knew me". he said 'kenal tapi name tak sempat bace lagi." n the best part is he asked for my help to get close with amrina. haaha. hey gila! aku tak kenal pun kau siapa tiba tiba aku nak kena tolong kau pulak? GILA! GILA! GILA!

p/s: i just wonder what make he thinks i would help him... [devil! hahaha]

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