Friday, January 2, 2009

today's activities

when i was looking back all the photos collection i have,my eyes just can't stop looked at this photo. sunset,such a nice view. full of calmness.

today i set up this new blog of mine. then,i visited to iera's page and saw many of instrumental songs. i was attracted to it so i think i should do the same for my blog. besides,i love such songs. no lyrics just enjoy the melody.

in the evening i followed my dad went to the kompleks pkns s.alam n picked my mom from her office since today my mom decided to treat her officemate for my succeed in pmr. so of course mom had to carry so many things with her. pity mom! the menu was pulut kuning and rendang daging homemade by dad. nyum nyum! woah! the place was so crowded! i really need space to breathe.

i cut my hair already. my mind suddenly think bout ogy when i was about to cut my hair. i laughed to myself when i remembered ogy once said to me"kau ni rambut tak pernah panjang.asyik potong pendek je." correction dear,its not that i dont want to keep a long hair but you know i made my nazar so now i'm paying for it. erm.. i still have no idea why am i so sleepy today........ =D

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