Friday, February 20, 2009

am i to blame?

words are the most dangerous weapon to kill a person. i mean its from my opinion. words can really kill me especially when unexpected hurting words came out from the mouth of someone whom i considered as a FRIEND. i thought the "FRIEND" would understand me better after knowing me. but today,i knew something. i learned something. thanks to you,the 'creature'. we can't please everyone unless we have whatever it takes to make people like us in every single way. it sounds cruel but yes,that is the fact. truth is always painful. from day to day,from night to night,i feel my spirits start to fade away. do not insult me for what i am writing right now. f.y.i,this is just a part of the way i express my feeling. i do look tough from the outside but in the reality i am a weak girl. fragile in handling matters regarding emotions. disappointment and sadness conquered my mind. tears fall apart without any strong reason. my soul isn't at ease and peace. i tried my best to smile and hide everything that i need to keep from my sweethearts as i refused to burden them with my problem. lately,things seems to be different. i've tried to teach myself not to be easily influenced by those crappy and rubbish unnecessary matters but nothing works. sometimes,endless regrets do occured in my mind. am i being over sensitive or it's just a normal human reaction? NANIRO,you guys are the greatest friends i would never forget as long as my heart is still beating. deep inside my heart,i feel sorry towards them because most of the time i listen to the society more than i listen to their advice.

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