Saturday, February 7, 2009

whole week


a new day started after one whole week holidays. as usual,the assembly. then,went into class and started our lesson. i entered the class and suddenly i heard they were talking about mrsm. so i asked hafifah,"siapa yang dapat mrsm?" she replied "khairi dapat mrsm". i was like suprised of course. immediately asked him which mrsm. mrsm kepala batas. woah. so far! i just dont get it why only boys got the chance to go to boarding school? maybe its fated that i'll finish my studies in this school. ah,just forget it! then,we learned agama with ustazah putri. never thought it would be the last class with her. yeah,i love the way she teaches us. jokes here n there. we went straight to our tempat bertugas during recess since we missed the recess time. i went upstairs and did my tugas. after recess,went back to class. bm lesson. add maths! gosh! i didnt even know what the teacher was teaching in front of the class. i was clueless. i thought it was only me but since i sit at the back i can see everybody was doing their own work without paying any attention to the teacher's lesson. i wondered "does the teacher know we didn't understand any single thing she taught us?" n then we went to Bio lab. so much fun during Bio because cikgu ahmad was so kind-hearted to let us do our own work since we're going to start our new timetable on the next day so we still have another 2 class with cikgu ahmad. at first,cikgu explained a bit about the report. unexpected,cikgu did a lot of stupid jokes when we asked some serious questions regarding Bio report. ouh,we were very very very serious at the moment. then,we talked about many things n gossips! haha. and we went back when the bell rang. ouh,ojie n aien gave their names for perbahasan. yeay! i'm happy. although i'm in pantun group, but love to see both of them also involved in this kind of activities. ain,ojie n me headed to kedai atas while bell,romai n naddy went home. we saw zafri[if i'm not mistaken] riding a small bicycle with thariq! hehe. long time no see thariq. one of primary school friend. he still the same small specky boy. not much changes.


yeah,new timetable started by today. studied maths with cikgu harison. must admit she is a good teacher. so far i could understand her lesson. next,sivik with cikgu azizah. haha. i just wrote everything she said without understand those words. sorry cikgu. not trying to be rude but i could barely hear your voice. make jokes with ojie n laughed to each other. haha. after recess,agama class. we were busy talking in the class while waiting for ustazah to come. having a chocolate cake party. nadh brought delicious yummy chocolate cake. nyum nyum! then,ustazah fatimah went in. ouh yeah,i saw her passed by our class to go to 4 ST 2. totally forgot we will b having new ustazah for new timetable. pitied her. i didnt pay attention when she was teaching since i felt very sleepy so i chatted with bell. i owed u an apology ustazah. i didnt mean it. but then,something attracted me to listen to her words n focus on the topic. bm n bi class. bell,romai and me waited for ain n ojie at the canteen since nad couldnt stay back. aien n ojie got their perbahasan practice. so we were doing our maths work n maniraj joined us. we talked about everything. its been a long time since the last time i chatted with him. 2 o'clock and bell had to go back to attend her tuition class. a few minutes later,mani said goodbye to me and romai. so its only me and romai left. i asked romai a few question which i wasnt sure if i should have asked her but nevermind. its not like she will kill me. having a serious conversation with her then suddenly aien n ojie appeared in front of us while we were having our lunch. and i saw the form five students who also join the perbahasan. its almost 3 p.m so we left the school. by the way,thanks romai for your time to keep me company(did i say it correctly?or didn't i?). luckily you were there or else i don't think i could survive alone at the canteen. thanks again.


The day started with bi class. Suddenly the assistant monitor [khairi; i refused to mention his name for many times so i will just call him as assistant monitor] had to leave the school with his parents during pn.hazlina's class so teacher asked him to give a farewell speech since everybody thought it would be his last class. i cant really remember what he said but the best part was he said ojie,me n bell bugged him. what the.........????? whatever! i cant be bothered with those irritating words. and we went to Bio lab. as usual,we sat all together conquered one whole table in the lab. studied Bio was fun. haha. its kinda weird that we learned Bio fully in bm but its ok. as long as we understand the concept,it shouldnt be a problem. history class with pn.mariani. phew! i thought its gonna be bored but it turned to be enjoyable. well,a round of applause for pn.mariani. at least its effective for me. a unique learning method. add maths class. moving to chapter 2. thank God the chapter has got nothing to do with the first chapter. but im still hoping this chapter is much much easier than the previous one. chemistry so need to go to the lab. teacher discussed about the homework given before holidays. naniro as usual cant stay in silence wherever we go. bell was moody. but it never last long. after class dismissed,we headed to canteen for our study group. add maths studies[yeah right]. bell did her rumusan while ain n ojie were busy with their perbahasan stuff. the boys were also there. after having our lunch,only then we began our add maths work. again,we laughed over so many silly things. had to admit i said a lot of silly things that make them laughed at me. something is not right with my brain i guess. about 4 o'clock we packed our things and went back.


I did my duty n then i saw diyanah. she told me something that really pissed me off. my name n ain were in the buku kawalan kelas as the pelajar yang paling kerap bising. well,obviously it was that assistant monitor who kindly wrote it. i dont know why but this human being had just get on my nerves. i cant think much. headed to physics lab n i saw that face again. seriously,i cant even take a look at his annoying face. i wish i could puke on you. huh! then went to the school field for pjk period. we played soccer. haha, sounds funny+weird is it? i was the captain for the team. at first i refused when khadijah asked me to be the captain but c'mon its not a championship. its just for fun after all. so i agreed. my team vs diyanah's team. i tried my hardest not to let the opposite team to score many goals. my team did some good job at first since both teams had draw goals but then they scored another goal. so they won of course. 2-1. for final,romai's team vs diyanah's team. i sit back and relaxed,watching another game. before i take a sit,i saw khadijah was holding buku kawalan kelas. suddenly i remembered something. so i borrowed it for a while. need to see an evidence. so it was right. my name was there,clearly seen in the book. and the assistant monitor was sitting not far from the place where i stood. i closed the book at the same time i lose my tempered. cant think of anything except i need to confront him. so immediately i asked him politely at the beginning,"kenapa kau tulis nama aku dengan ain dalam buku ni?" "apa dosa yang aku dah buat dekat kau?" he kept quiet but then i attacked him question by question n finally he answered me back. he said i am irresponsible,noisy n whatsoever. hello mister,what makes you think you are good enough to say those words to me? just to let him know,i have so many unexpected words you will never expect that i want to say to you. n then,a few boys came. trying to control the situation maybe but hey,please wake up. you messed with me. i cursed a lot whether it was in front or behind him. who cares by the way? i saw him at the canteen before i left and one sentence i said to him "ouh,kau baik sangat lah?" yeah. of course i was the bad one. u are so saint,innocent is it? disgusting! ain adviced me to calm down. dont talk to him so he'll feel guilty. i dont think he felt that way but i didnt talk to him even a single word after the incident. that day i went back early since i've got no friends to stay back. ojie n ain got perbahasan practice while romai n bell got meeting to attend. so i went back with naddy,discussed about her short story. she asked for my opinion. we discussed n laughed n that's it. time to say goodbye. i walked alone to my house. on my way,i saw razi chatting with his unknown friend then suprisingly i saw farid riding his bicycle. i heard he say something to me but i wasnt sure. so ignored it. i'm not in the mood at the moment. sorry again. about 2.45 ojie n ain was standing in front of my house. i opened the gate n let ain entered. as for ojie,for sure she entered her own house. we got kawad practice that evening. so we headed back to school around 3.50.


The last day of school for this week. as for me,it was an exhausted day. i said goodbye to hakeem,ideen n raimi before left the was their last day. after school session ended at 12.30,i and romai had to see pn.sarimah for pantun practise. just like my wish,the practise ended at 2.00 pm. haha. not much practise. just a long conversation with cikgu since rarely meet her this year. honestly,when i'm with cikgu i felt comfortable and shared something that i won't share with anybody except my closest buddies. then,went to the canteen to buy lunch at the bilik makan guru. we met pn.hazlina there. yeah,she is completely a different person outside of the class. she saw us,smiled and said "wah,budak-budak ni. special pulak beli makanan cikgu. mixed veggies la" hehe. not special,we're just trying new dish besides the nasi ayam everyday,teacher. n i bought an unknown fish. so we asked teacher just to make sure. haha. teacher replied"God!u asked me about ikan?" teacher also didnt know and teacher asked the makcik kantin. haha. just wanna make a big deal over unnecessary things. just before stepped out from the room,teacher asked me
"you bought this for who? for urself?"
"yeah." i said.
"why didnt u just eat here then only went back?"
" its more comfortable to eat at home la teacher"
"oh yeah yeah. boleh mandi mandi dulu,rehat semua kan. nak makan pun senang,right?"

i nodded my head n smiled at teacher. yeah,teacher is a friendly person i suppose. i mean outside of class. the very short conversation changed my perception towards her. at the evening,we supposed to have kawad practise at 4 o'clock but it was raining heavily. the practise only started around 5.10. just 8 people attended for the practice. 8 pm went back to school for ceramah about palestin. i was sleepy for a moment but when some videos were shown,my eyes filled with tears. the ceramah ended at 11 pm. absolutely sleepy so as soon as i arrived home,changed clothes n the end of the day. i slept around 11.15 pm. no energy left to open my eyes anymore.

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