Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Berhenti Berharap

Berjalan-jalan melihat blog orang lain. Tiba-tiba teringat sesuatu. Update blog pun bagus jugak. Hee..

Terbaru mendapat nasihat daripada "kaunselor" peribadi.

'Jangan elakkan diri'.
'Until when you wanna run from your heart's call?'
'Buat macam biasa je. Jangan lari. Nanti nampak obvious sangat'.
'Kuatkan semangat. Jangan fikir sangat'.

Yeah. After give a thought about this matter thoroughly, I seriously think I should take their advices. Instead of running away, I should face my own problem. 'Dont avoid from your problem. It will only shows your weakness. But face it because it shows your strength.' Thanks,mum. I owed you for those priceless words. For this particular moment, I'm still hunting for the strength but I promise to myself things are not going to be the same after this. But I will always regard him as one of my awesome friends. Forever and always.

They keep saying what am I currently doing isn't the best step. But perhaps for the beginning it is. Its okay. Step by step is better than nothing at all,right? I can do it. As my super fantastic counsellor said "All these things are just a part of growing process. It teaches us to be matured". Yup. Strongly agree with him.

I felt the dumbness as I am writing this post. How can I waste one whole day yesterday just crying over unnecessary thing? He didn't get affected at all while I suffered alone. Isn't that the stupidest thing I could ever do in this world? Haha.. Nevermind. Yesterday is just a past and I shouldn't step back. Please save me from myself. Looking forward for this new spirit. Thanks to them who make me this way.

Words never lie.
I believe that.
Truth is always painful.
I realize that.
Thank you for waking up this fragile soul.

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