Thursday, February 18, 2010

Never Say Never

As early as 8.00 a.m,I received a phone call. Yeah,they asked me to join them for some kind of our mini reunion. Well,I know they miss me. Haha.. Nothing much we had done today. Play volleyball and badminton and watch hindustan movies(i was being forced to watch it!) titled "mujhse kya karoge"(if i'm not mistaken) and "kuch-kuch hota hai". I was like a heartless person watching it while Ain has started to cry. Haha.. Diriku yang tidak berhati perut! Kedua-dua filem menggambarkan pengorbanan. Oh,memang terbaik daripada mereka di saat diriku dalam keadaan begini.

I'm getting stronger day by day. Yeah,proudly say I'm glad to be one. Hee.. I didn't cry for nothing. So no more regrets. If sacrifice brings a lot of changes in me,so yup! Welcome to my life,sacrifices! It's my pleasure to meet you. Haha.. It makes me smile to see how much people do care about me when I'm in need. They are the definition of friends. Sayang mereka sampai mati!

Giving up doesn't always mean
you are weak.
Sometimes it means that
you are strong enough
to let it go.

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