Sunday, December 12, 2010

Topeng Imaginasi

Okay. Memandangkan sekarang ni aku punya post bakal berterabur disebabkan mood aku yang tidak menentu untuk menulis blog,maka aku bertekad untuk tidak menulis setiap entri aku menggunakan satu bahasa aje. Seronok apa satu malaysia. Ahaha..

Looking back at those photos(one of them is the above one),my heart suddenly receive a call to make a very short(err..maybe not too short) conversation with this territory of mine. Feeling this out of blue sense of writing,typing on this keyboard doesn't give any track for me to really draft the perfect word to be thrown out. So,cara penghasilan karya bersepah di sini. Harap maklum.

Do not really talking about the flashback, this exploding voice is really finding its way to say it out loud. Terasa macam nak katakan sesuatu. How does it feel when people around us,I mean the close ones use us for their own benefit? Kepada sesiapa yang aku pernah lontarkan soalan itu,just keep reading this. Why does my question sounds too harsh eyh? Well,that's exactly apa yang otak aku tengah ligat fikirkan sekarang.

Bila kita rasa orang hanya perlukan kita di saat dia rasa dia tak ada tempat nak bersandar atau bila dia ada kepentingan dekat kita. Salah kita ke untuk terasa nak mengelakkan diri daripada terus berjumpa dengan mereka? Apa punya soalan laah.. Mungkin agak kedengaran macam "entah-apa-apa" punya soalan tapi itulah dia. Bila otak jahat mula datang,rasa macam nak balas dendam je tapi tulah. Asyik berdendam bila nak habis? Haish~

Well,merely a crap but at least I know I am telling the truth. And oh,oh. Living in a hostel has thought me in every single day that we need all the characteristics required to adapt with the situation. Situation doesn't give any seeds of sympathy,okay kids? So we have to act. Or some people might even say it is actually being a hypocrite? I don't give any denial nor support towards it. And even the closest one is not the one to be trusted most. Because I learned too, 'sometimes the one we love most hurts us the deepest'.

When the eyes struck
Nothing seems to be seen
Invisible fading take over
Nailed for waiting
Miracle knocked and kneeled
Taking the stone lies beneath.

*Oh,currently in a process of the making of my own poetry book called "When Shakespear whisper", poems originally created by me,so every quotes from now on in every post of mine,will be a part from the book. Hee~ (promosi yang tak berapa menjadi!)*big laugh together!

*A whole-hearted trash created in the middle of night. Might be too ugly to be presented. Btw,hell I care? (*gambar hiasan semata)


  1. zinnirah, be assured that i will always support u in whatever you do. i can't wait to read ur poetry and quotes. make sure im ur VVIP. keep holding on, coz happiness is around the corner. :D

  2. syaza.thanks for that. pleasure. be honoured to be my respected vvip. yeah.happiness is around the corner. waiting for it. hee~


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