Saturday, April 30, 2011

Presence of Rationality.


Today I woke up and overwhelmed with such a rational thinking. I've built the shield. And I just inspired by some kind of spirit and courage from from God-knows-where. Yeah, it is really time to wake up,get up and walk with strength. Ignore those words. They are just another excuse for you to actually see the perfect track.

Its time to correct the mistakes.
Its time to fix the broken parts.
Its time to prove something to everybody.
Its time to enlighten the spirit that you hold.
Its time to show the super ability that lies within.

And you should know yourself better than others. Please please, give out the best in you. Prove that all the assumptions are wrong and rubbish. Remember, you are simply a fantastic girl who made a silly mistake just to finally find the absolute path for you.

Words of wisdom:-

"Smart people don't make same mistake twice".

Thanks Puan Nadrah,the Biology teacher.

It means a world to a person like me.

In the name of myself, I truly believe my dream will come true someday.
And I am not going to take this for granted.
Damn serious.

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