Monday, December 19, 2011

It will rain.

Now playing : You Lost Me.

"We found our life's been changed" - Christina Aguilera

Seeing people leading their lives to maybe some kind of that "happiness of being in a relationship", I cant help myself from smiling. Well, I don't really know the reason behind my smile,actually. I'm happy for myself actually.

Oh yeah, I mean, who else would be happy for me if I didnt do it for myself?

Okay,cut the crap.

Dear heart, please dont be too fragile. You know, I cant really handle you with too much care.


To you who MIGHT be reading this,actually knowing you is some kind of giving me "that" feeling. I don't know what is "that" supposed to mean. But everytime I see you, "that" thing never leaves me alone. HEE~ *gedik sudah* Frankly speaking, I like you,oh, I mean, I like you and the way you mingle around people including me and most importantly, I like the way you approached me. It was so polite and nice. I like the way you treat me as your, yeah,you know,so-called friend.*smiley smiley*

LOVE? Hold it.

"What is LOVE to you actually when you cant really see the future?" as quoted by my ex-English Teacher.

Its a serious thing to deal with. But yeah, I enjoy every moment being around you. As you said, all we need is time. If it's meant to be, then it will happen.Just to make it more precious, we both agreed to keep it this way until the perfect time finally arrived. So there's no way for us to leave each other. I need you,though. Friends? =)

"No matter what happen. Dont walk away from me. Will you?"
"Definitely I won't. And will you?"
"Never. What we need is time. =)"

P/S : Till then, I'll be waiting until I have no reason to wait anymore.

By the way, I miss you so much. =D

"Pabila cinta diluahkan, tidak kira melalui kata kata mahupun perbuatan,hati dilibatkan. Mesti kah ia terlibat? Oh, hati itu tiada kaitan. Otak itu mempunyai kaitan pula."- Mohd Khair Naim (2011)

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