Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Special Someone.

The truth is that I'm patiently waiting for that special someone to walk in my life.
I choose not to chase because every time I do I either get hurt, or worn out.
I will not go out of my ordinary, until someone actually steps through the door.
I dont want that same typical relationship where it feels as if im reading a book I’ve already read.
I want someone thats willing to try for me, with something new upon them.
Someone just simply whose willing to try.
So don’t worry, I will walk slow for you, my other half.
I will be patient.
I have all the time in the world… but heres the thing.
Is there anyone out there that will?

Yeah, I'm sure there must be one. =)

*adult talk from an immature kid*

mood : gedik

Izzatulisme said :
1. I havent touched any of the tasks given by the lecturers. Not even a single. HEHE!
2. I find 7 weeks are just way too short sometimes though.
3. People are people and sometimes we changed our minds.

P/ S : To be honest, I miss you. Really much. And I do care about you. More than you could think of. I am not mad at you. Not at all. I just dont believe in you like how I used to. Maybe,just maybe, I need time to heal. =)

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