Monday, November 23, 2009

One Heart

Ouwh,there's one thing I shouldn't keep as a secret. I'm surrounded by precious jewels at my new school. They are my schoolmates,dormmates,classmates and all of them. They are super kind-hearted person. My dormmates consist of 8 person(that includes me). My "Ketua Dorm" a.k.a KD was named Nur Farahin by her beloved parents. Her part time job ; screaming. Haha. That's the best word to describe her. Next,is another Form 4 dormmate. Her name is Suhaila. She came from Pantai Remis. I can say she is fierce but the firmness isn't there anymore after I knew her weakness. Haha! *evil laugh.

My dear Form 1 sisters. They are Nabihah,Nurin,Safiyyah,Syaza and Farah. Ouwh,their attitudes make me learned the way to manage a sister eventhough I don't have one. Thanks to them. Nabihah is a type of girl that I can say almost like how I behave myself. As for Nurin,she is the innocent type. She is a bit of naive girl but she isn't stupid. Oh,she's also afraid to be left alone. Pity girl! Safiyyah,the queen of gossip. She has her own clique that she shares almost every gossips together. Chaotic is Syaza's middle name. She can't control her emotion wisely. Farah,I must say she is independent. Very independent. I give her my highest respect since I never meet a 13-year-old girl just like her. She knows what she should do every second. Enough for now. I gotta go. Something came up. Continue later...

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