Monday, March 15, 2010

Impossible Takes Longer

As I am surfing the internet and do some blogwalking, suddenly I remember a song. So,I quickly let my fingers do their work by searching the lyric.

Mungkin ini memang jalan takdirku
Mengagumi tanpa dicintai
Tak mengapa bagiku asal kau pun bahagia
Dengan hidupmu, dalam hidupmu

Telah lama ku pendam perasaan itu
Menunggu hatimu menyambut diriku
Tak mengapa bagiku cintaimu pun adalah
Bahagia untukku, bahagia untukku

Ku ingin kau tahu diriku di sini menanti dirimu
Meski ku tunggu hingga hujung waktuku
Dan berharap rasa ini kan abadi untuk selamanya
Dan izinkan aku memeluk dirimu kali ini saja
Untuk ucapkan selamat tinggal untuk selamanya
Dan biarkan rasa ini bahagia untuk sekejap saja

This song is called "Cinta Dalam Hati" by Ungu. Million of thanks to Shahadat Bin Sharafi for introducing me to this song. He said that this song really suits my current situation after seeing how I acted for the past few days. Pandai lah kau,Adat. Mentang-mentanglah tengah bahagia. But to be honest,whenever I sing this song,my heart keeps calling his name. To continue this drama without any script given,ahh.. What a life! Just imagine how professional I need to be everyday. To present a super fake acting, it is not a simple task. Sometimes I do feel like I want to give up with this whole drama thing. Can't take it anymore. I'm not sure if I could hold the promise to myself and a deal that I keep. I just hope for nothing. Putus harapan...

Heartbreak lasts as long as you
want it to be
cut as deep as you
them to go.

*Probably a mere crap from me. If you hate to see this,just ignore it.

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