Monday, March 15, 2010

Spontaneous Theatre

Homeworks are endless. Plus with the chores. Somehow,there's something I won't regret. Endless sleep. Enjoyable sweetest slumber without alarm clock. In which I need not to rush to wait for my turn in the toilet. In which I need not to rush to get myself ready before the assembly start. In which I need not to resist those tears when I felt so sleepy during the lesson. Holiday sometimes meaningful perhaps.

I played on the song titled 'Yesterday' by The Beatles. The lyrics seems to suit my wish. Ahaha.. Suddenly I thought of them. Hana,Aja, Ci'en and Nad. There was one time when Hana Borrowed my MP3 (I named it as Bonny) and she heard all the song in my playlist. The first sentence that came out from her mouth "Kalau orang tengah heartbroken dengar MP3 kau,boleh mati tau tak?".

At that moment,I just can't resist my laughter. It bursts out just before I could take control over it. Didn't expect I would get that kind of compliment from Hana at that middle of night. Haha.. The rest were just like me. As for Nad,she remind me to delete those hurtful songs. Wish to but I just can't get over it. Hee..sorry Nad!

And another incident was when I had started to get myself into the song that I tuned,and my eyes seems to lost their vision. Nad saw me and quickly she exchanged our MP3. Hee.. Terkantoi pula! By the way, I just discovered a few songs.

*Hana,Aja,korang kena dengar lagu-lagu yang baru aku jumpa ni. Mesti korang suka! Sangat menarik! Hee~

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