Friday, March 19, 2010

Losing The Grip

Hujan lebat. Otak ligat menari zapin fikir aktiviti terbaik(selain belajar). Buntu. Sakit dekat leher tak hilang lagi. Malam tadi aku boleh bantai tidur depan desktop beralaskan keyboard; berbantal peluk kan speaker ; ber''alarm clock'' kan mouse. Dengan bahagianya aku menikmati malam. Ahaha. Sedar-sedar mak kejut,leher aku terasa macam ada pertandingan tarik tali anjuran urat saraf sedunia. Sengal satu badan. Satu hari kepala senget sebelah. Semuanya nampak senget di mata aku hari ni.

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Last night,I had a very good conversation with a friend. An old friend. We talked about so many things and mostly are crap. A topic was chosen. Changes. Haha.. He said that I'm changing. I'm not the person he used to know but he still can see the old me. I replied,changing for good isn't a sin. I told him about so many things that happened to me since I entered a territory called a 'boarding school'.

Friends are everything ; that's what I learn since leading the hostel's life. And slowly,we can see they are changing day by day. What hurts the most ; the changes make them became a new person. Someone we never know or precisely ; a stranger. Losing a friend isn't easy. As for me,it is almost unacceptable.

I miss the moment when both of us care about each other. Always know that we stand on the reliable bridge. When I need someone to share problems, I should have no worries as I know you would be the best listener I ever had. And the most incredible thing I will never forget ; this friend will always be the first person to detect whenever I am facing conflicts inside. One of the superb psychic.

I miss the moment when we could tease each other. Telling jokes with the uncontrolled laughter. Sharing every single thing together. I miss the moment when you would come and asked me "Are you okay?', and you will always try to figure out the solution for me.

I miss the moment to know that you had learnt to put the trust in me when you would voice out your problems. I miss all those days. Now,there's a distance between us. We are taking our own path. No one to be blame. We met,we talked but there are words I couldn't say. Things are not the same as it used to be. The only thing I need you to know, I am grateful for having the chance to share a bond called friendship with someone great like you.

When life does not find a singer
to sing her heat,
she produces a philosophy to
speak her mind.

** Emosi sedang menguasai tulisan . Harap maklum.

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