Friday, March 12, 2010

Queue of Phrases

Holiday comes again and right now,here I am writing a plain post to fulfil my duty as a part time blogger. It has been three weeks since the last time I fed my blog. Hee.. Starving in pain,honey?

The first day I reached school after one-week break, a few of my friends keep chasing me with the question of the person I ever talked about in my blog. Let the time do its part,the only answer I could uttered. To my consternation,some of the people who I am less expecting them to be one my reader's asked the same question. I just can't hold myself from smiling. For what purpose? No idea.

One week before exam. A week full of dramas and telenovela I suppose. Should I include that I'm also one of the drama queen? Haha.. Others with their seriously injured heart problem. Heartbroken disease was like spreading non-stop among the unwilling victims. And most importantly,my part is the most unique storyline. Haha.. Perasan sebentar.

They are the best listeners and counsellors when I fell apart. My highest salutation for them. Almost every night we talked about the same topic,again and again without any sign of boredness from anyone of us. And it really makes me value the meaning of trust.

Exam week. It was exhausting. Study comes first. Struggle till the hardest though some of it didn't work much since I should stick to the "study smart" law instead of "study hard" rules. The worst part was when I was so sleepy during my BM paper until I wrote Ozzy's name on my answer sheet. Haha.. Maximum embarrassment!
Luckily,I did my last check before submitted the answer.

About heart's whisper. Believe it or not, I think my heart is slowly learning to adapt with the harsh realities. Yes,I do not mean to be some kind of angel but that is what I felt right now. Though sometimes I just can't seem to understand the person but I'm trying my best to be the most reliable friends a person will need. Just like what Rushdan Aliff a.k.a Ba said to me when I asked him about the current situation.

Ba's Law states that friends come first than love because friend means everything. Even if our heart would be tear into little pieces but our friend always need us. We should support them with all the strength though only we know how this pain is torturing us.

Sometimes I do find it silly how someone

can break our heart but
we still love them with all the little pieces


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