Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rhythmic Voice

I miss my SABDArians to be honest. Haha.. I still can't forget the time when we held a conference at the back of the class when the teacher wasn't in. The panel were me,Nad,Aja and Ba.

The motion was 'Sayang Mati'. New terms that we used for the whole conversation. I put all my courage to ask someone who I labelled as an egoistic man or to make it clear,Ba. Haha(mati aku!).. I explained to him a situation regarding this issue and threw a most cliche question to him. 'What would you do if you were in that person shoe?'

Ba said that whatever happens,he will never break a friendshipjust because of that particular matter. He would continue to be the greatest friend ever. So I asked him again, 'How about the pain?'. He answered me calmly. Of course, the pain would be there but it's better to keep it to ourself and act like nothing's happened.

'Isn't that going to hurt that person even more?', I wonder. Support our friend for their decision though we suffered for the truth inside,it's what a friend does. Then,Ba added that the person should confess so there would be no regrets at the end. Thank you,Ba for the out-of-syllabus lesson. Suddenly,Ba asked me "Kau cakap pasal siapa ni?". Ahaha.. Nevermind,Ba. Just hold my promise. Don't worry,I will not be hiding.

Switch places. Time for Ba to speak out the question marks. How do I take 'Sayang Mati' in my dictionary? Simple answer. I mean from my view. 'Sayang Mati' is when I could shed my tears because of a person or to be precise when I could cry for a person based on the ticket of love. And it includes family or the loved ones.

An invited panel,Akif also did give his point of view. The same question. His opinion was contra with Ba's. He stated that everything depends on the person. But to make a confession,it's too risky,according to him. There would be a gap between each other if things do not turn out as we expect it to be. And definitely,losing a friend will be the ending. It does make sense. Acceptable.

The conference was precious for me. Thanks to them for their awesome opinions includng Adik(Safwan),Ali and Syazwan. Look at things from the opposite side,it's wonderful to read mind of others. Haha.. Boys aren't heartless ; I must admit. Sometimes they just find it hard to take off the barriers.

*Ba,bila kau dah jumpa makna 'Sayang Mati' tu,kau jangan lupa datang jumpa aku!

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