Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Apology!

I know it may be a bit late to say this, but still I wanna say sorry to all my team members for my absent during the sivik's drama. I know some of them might cursed me a lot but I'm begging you for this time,please trust me. Perhaps my member teams might think that I am an irresponsible leader. Again,please take note-I didn't do it purpose. I had an internal problem.

Oh,I wish I could be there to see how our efforts and ideas have been paid off with the marks from teacher. On the evening, I called some friends to ask for the timetable for the second monthly test. But after I've been calling about 10 friends and none of them answered me, I decided to call Musa. Luckily he picked up the phone-thank God.

So I asked him the timetable and had a very short conversation with him. I asked him how was the drama from my group. He said it was okay and kind of interesting if I'm not mistaken. And I heard that they got the highest mark for the drama. What a relieve! Glad to hear that. I know they can do it.Congrats,dear teammates! You can never imagined how the guilt conquered my mind for the whole day. And again,I am sorry!

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