Tuesday, March 29, 2011

When remedy is no longer a cure..

These past few days havent been pleasurable for me.
Things have been pretty messed up.
I was like losing the grip.
Of holding myself.

I find it extremely difficult to fall asleep even I feel the maximum tiredness.

I cannot watch television without thinking about at least one people on my mind.

I tend to get angry with some people over a small, like seriously SMALL matters.

I easily cry over unnecessarily things.

I sulked with all the people I shouldn't.

My hands are shaking frequently nowadays without any reason. (A serious bad shaking.)

I feel a sudden cold trickles down my spine though my body is sweating. Quite frequent.

I am suffering a bad headache lately. Sometimes I lose control and faint for a few minutes.

I switched off my cellphone most of the time lately.

The best part is that I don't even know why all of these are happening.
I am not sure why I feel totally messed up.
I am not sure why I am behaving like this.
I am not sure why I get suffocated.

I am obviously aware that something wrong here. But I couldn't be really sure about it.
Please tell me, I am all fine here,right?


  1. takpe tul, tak lame je lagi semua bnde ni akan berakhir. set mind kau, everything will be okay. insyaAllah, Allah akan mudahkan segalanya untuk kau, ok syg. (: igt, u always have me beside you.. *betol tak grammar aku? heee~

  2. aku pun tak tau kenapa aku jadik macam ni. tiba tiba. rasa tak keruan tiba tiba. aku pun tak tau kenapa. rasa mcm emosi tak tentu hala. takkan PMS kot?

  3. PMS? aku tak rase mcm tu.aku rase bnde ni normal.cuma boleh jadi teruk kalau kita terlalu memikirkan masa depan.terlalu bimbang.takut tak dapat nak capai ap yang kita nak kan.takpe tul.skg ni aku rase kau buat istikharah byk2.yakin dgn ape yang kau da pilih atau yg kau nak pilih.yg lain twakkal pada Allah okay.(: jgn sedih2.taak best..

  4. tul.kau fikr banyak sangat.tue yang jadi macam tue.takkan laa tangan kau shaking sebab gelak kan.hehe.kau kan selalu macam tue.relaks k.buat istikharah banyak2 macam anaa cakap (:

  5. ahahah. okay sayang sayang saya. aku dah okay dah. seriously okay. dah kembali normal la kot. hehehe..beberapa hari yang lepas je mcm tak tntu hala sket. hehehehe.. syg korang!

  6. duh. dah lepas dah ozzy. BAHAHA..


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