Tuesday, March 1, 2011


After possessing myself into a critical level of thinking, seriously I rapt into a lesson from the incident just now. In this reality world, money is ALMOST everything. Yeap,you may say, money can't buy happiness. Money will not ensure how well you can lead your life. And even some of my dudes say "Jumpa Allah tak payah guna duit." *I am not going to rebut over this one. Obviously undeniable fact,okay?*

But trust me, deep inside everyone, we truly believe, we work for money. We study hard for a bright future in order to get a good starting salary. We tend to get envy of how people could be such a spendthrift while us counting our penny-pinching crisis.

[ Figure 1 : How a spend-thrifty would be spending. ]

Basically, we need money so freaking bad to run a life. But, I didn't say I would be agreeing of the opinion that "MONEY CAN BUY A LIFE." Okay, let's generate some ideas. I've been going through an experience of when people underestimated me and wrenched my right to voice out what I do have inside just because they think their money worth more than anything else.

This kind of people make me opened my eyes widely in the principle of I should know when and where to swallow my words. Put aside my attitude of being habitually outspoken. So, I look at it in the bright context. I need to prove that I was born as a somebody. As they say, God never created garbage. If it is not for them, at least for myself.

[ Figure 2 : One of ways to gain some respect ]

One of the alternative way I could see now is only by education. On the other hand, they develop a great determination in me. I need to pull them out from the fact that money can buy a life instead of running a life. This misconception can be seen as actually the major problem they acquainted their way of thinking into a narrow-minded class of mankind.

p/s : A piece of advice to myself. Please do not misunderstand my point view. Yet, money just another valuable papers. Our obligations to Him do not required any cash,okay folks? Mind that.


  1. oit kina! MR.B mana pulak ni? pandai2 jee~

  2. tul tul:duet manyak penting maaa.:)

  3. tu lah tu. duit banyak penting. ish ish..trpaksa menjadi sedikit materialistik. hehe


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