Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sing it beautifully.

The original version was by Peterpan but I think I prefer Yuna's cover of this song. Though it is an old song but the lyric is just too beautiful. I've once involved in this kind of situation which I think the main solid reason I am overwhelmed with it. Remember when I said about that harmless flirt article in the previous post? Maybe there is a slight connection between this song and the article. Okay, this is what an experience would say. I talk on the ticket of experience,okay kids? Just dont be like me. Healing needs time. Seriously. To get back on your feet it needs time. To build a strength it needs time. To be real it takes a long time. And just a second to ruin everything.

"Kau beri rasa
Yang berbeda
Mungkin ku salah
Yang ku rasa cinta ....."

This is why I love literature for this particular moment. Twisted words can't be easily interpreted by others. I am always inspired by Shakespear. Okay, tell me. Did you understand Sonnet 18 on your first reading? Honestly, I didn't. I took a deep breath, like seriously deep to go through each line. There are certain people would just smile and say "Eh,apa benda kau sastera sangat ni?". Well, that's the best part I suppose. So, please dont frown when reading my posts about any literature presented here. Okay okay, I am jiwang mengkarat ; as they say. No offense. I take it as a compliment. Well, I do have to admit here. Isn't that pretty clear?

Words of wisdom by Izzatulisme today :

Think deeper and you will see more than just a word behind all those letters. That's why they are chosen.

p/s : Tiba tiba teringat Fatin Fareena yang sangat membenci Yuna dan akhirnya menjadi peminat setia Yuna.


  1. entah.dia kutuk la yuna tak best la hape la.. macam tu lah. then last2 dia yg minat gila.

  2. well itu kan hukum alam? bile bnci jd syg. lebih kurg laa. u understand rite tul? :D

  3. sumpah best lahh lagu tuh! love it tul! :)


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