Thursday, March 29, 2012

Once upon a time..

"Will we wait on each other?"

"I will if you will."

"If you find someone better than me, just take him."

"I've told you, I'll wait for you until I have no reason to wait anymore."

"What reason to make it no more reason?"

"If there ever comes a day you dont need me anymore."

"I think it'll never be."

"One thing you should know, I'll stay if you asked me to."

"InsyaAllah. All the best for us. =)"

Still remember this? A midnight conversation when you suddenly brought up this topic? It used to be a meaningful conversation between us but not for you,obviously.
Well, I can see now that the day has come; the day which you dont need me by your side anymore. The day which I should be leaving. The day which I am no longer a part of the important part in your life. So,here it goes. Goodbye and take care. Best of luck to you,friend. =)

Boy : Dont walk away from me,will you?

Girl : Definitely I wont. And will you?

Boy : Never,what we need is time. =)

P/S : Sorry,but I cant put up with any more humiliation from you,dearest friend.

Peace be upon you. =D

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