Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Letter to Juliet.

Ada cerita tentang aku dan dia,
dan kita bersama, saat dulu kala
Ada cerita tentang masa yang indah,
saat kita berduka, saat kita tertawa.


Things have been pretty messed up lately. Despite all of the laughter and fake smiles they bought, not even a single soul ever noticed these are all just another lie. Not even herself. Because all that she has been doing is paving every inch of her capillaries with as many as possible tiles of patchwork, in which non of them seems to suit her all the way long. She finally raises her hands. Look down, and silently whisper to herself. She is a great keeper. A secret keeper of herself. She reluctantly had to admit, sometimes tears say all there is to say. Sometimes your first scars won't ever be erased.

She was looking back all photos of her own feebly. A glimpse of each of them is enough to wake her, most of the picture she was looking at , was the picture of her with JULIET. Well, they say pictures tell thousands of stories. But she is still having a skeptical issue about that. She portrayed almost all the pictures with JULIET. As if they are the greatest best friend ever on universe. As if they were born to be attached together. As if no one understand them better than each other. As if their bond is much stronger than any concrete bond of skyscrapers.

To her slight gloomy, that was how they used to be. That was how things were so vibrant , in the flood of prophecy context, they leaned on the trustworthy door. They always lend their shoulder to each other whenever in need. But now, every single thing they owned before disappear in the blink of an eye. They are both taking their own path. The very last time they met, and up until today. She never heard any news regarding JULIET.

What hurts her the most was when she finds that JULIET could call everyone on her contacts list, but JULIET never reached for her. And she was wondering to herself, "Have I ever crossed on her mind?".JULIET used to be the person whom she spilled about almost everything of her entire life. Well, no surprise though. JULIET got herself a boyfriend,ROMEO who cares for her just like the way every girl would dream of.

So,why on earth should JULIET gives a thought about her "best-friend-used-to-be"?. She is aware that ROMEO could be JULIET'S guardian angel whenever she is not around. JULIET did a drastic improvements in her studies and she could not be more than happy for JULIET. Obviously, JULIET feel blast of ROMEO'S presence lingered around her.

They talked and met and laughed. Still befriend with each other. Not marking any arch nemesis. But the vibe was missing. Not even a sense of excitement just like those days back then. Her deepest regret was when she did not make their last moment together as the precious. She left the school with the unfixed friendship problem between she and JULIET. Their wracked relationship never gets better and it is soon to be faded away like a dust. Just another prediction for mental prepare.

God knows how much and deep she misses JULIET. She needs to convince herself, JULIET has moved on. The old JULIET whom she loves so much. While she is the girl who can't be moved. Humans changed perhaps.

From the bottom of my broken heart ;

At least, a poke on my facebook page is more than enough, JULIET.


Teringat disaat, kita tertawa bersama
Ceritakan, semua tentang kita


  1. makan dalm citer nie... does i know who want to be the 'juliet'??

  2. haha. makan dalam ke? juliet is a friend la anonymous oii.. =)

  3. izzatul nazihah, sumpah aku tahu ni siapa. siap boleh bagi nama penuh dia mengikut ic. bahahaha.

  4. doh,serius kau tau zouk? waaahh.. bagi nama penuh ikut ic. kencang ar kau. haha

  5. tul:first2 aku bce,aku juz skali lalu je.tak pham once aku daa bce balek btol2,aku knal that person.:)

  6. haha. ish,mana kau kenal. kau tak kenal pun budak ni. bukan sabda laa..hee~

  7. kau nak aku sebut ke?
    boleh je. takda kencangnya.
    bukan kita prnh discuss ke psl ths girl?

  8. ahaha, ish,kau ni biar betul zouk. you actually know this girl? kita pernah discuss? seriously? bila? haha


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