Sunday, February 6, 2011

Take a Look to Date.

The phone rang loudly. Asking the owner to pick it up. So she answered it. As soon as she saw the screen, she frowned to herself. Oh, it was her ex-classmates. And they were having a very good conversation since it has been a long time they didn’t meet up. And to suppress the sudden, they had a very good conversation.

As for the girl, she kept saying “Birthday kau dah dekat kan? Erm. Nanti dah birthday kau boleh la pergi ujibakat Akademi Fantasia. Sebab nanti kan dah cukup umur.” While the boy prefer to just laughed.Throughout the conversation, the girl keep mentioning that phrase. Finally they ended it after having enough chat.

That night of the same day,the girl logged in her facebook account. Being occupied with those notifications and suddenly she saw something. Oh God! On the section of friend’s birthday, she saw the name of the boy. The guilt conquered every inch of the part. She just can’t be bother about date since it has been a long time she didn’t really go through a calendar. Only on that time she came to her sense that it has been February. No wonder he gave her a sudden call. It was his birthday! And such company as Celcom,Maxis and Digi would give a free call to their customers respectively.

Immediately she selected the boy’s profile just to post on his wall a “Happy Birthday” wish. “Macam mana lah aku boleh lupa sekarang dah bukan January?” She guffaw at herself ; in stitches. Her carelessness is always endless. And now, she just find it hard to answer among the question that used to be simple ; what date is today?. The only normal reaction she could gives is always “Huh?’’ or “What?” or “Erm..I think it is….(and randomly picked a date) “. Hahaha.. And it goes on like that everyday. But she never learn her lesson. What a girl..

Oh Izat Jaris bin Dzulkifli. A deep sorry for not remembering your birthday.

P/s : moral of the story ; always checked your calendar and alert about the date. Don’t embarrass yourself. It is so not good to have that feeling grow within you. Seriously.


  1. hahaha.sumpah kau malu ngn bdak tu! lps bdak tu kol kau, msti dye gelak goleng2 pye.haha.
    p/s'i know who's the boy! heee :)

  2. ahahaha. tau xpe. malu gila. dia boleh tak ckp kat aku hari tu mmg bday dia. adoi~ malu betul mmperbodohkan dri. ahahaha. gila la. mesti dia gelak kt aku gila2 after letak phone tu kan. haha


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