Monday, February 28, 2011

It's The End of February.

So, today is the last day of February ; the only month that has 28 days. I called it as an odd month. My day went very plain and dull. Bought some new clothes which I found those prices were very affordable for a moderate person like me. Ngee~

A very cliche random question that people would love to ask me personally now is "Rajin eh kau update blog sekarang?" atau direct translation berbunyi "Apa pasal kau rajin sangat kemaskini blog kau tu?". Kalau sorang dua orang atau tiga orang yang bertanya dekat aku macam tu, boleh la aku anggap sebagai KEBETULAN. Tapi bila dah hampir semua yang tahu kewujudan blog aku ni mengutarakan ayat yang sama, aku rasa macam nak gelak terbahak-bahak guling-guling macam tenggiling je.

Certain people would say, "I prefer to go hang out when I feel bored." Or there are some "I would choose to bake some cakes when I feel bored." Or perhaps you heard some say "I like to call my friends when I get bored". The main point is,what I'm trying to say now, people have various ways to express how their current feelings. Mixed tape how to cough out their boredom. As for me, this is my way. I do blogging when my thoughts received inspiration. When my heart's call is eager to be answered.

[Gambar ; kan best kalau keyboard aku boleh cabut susun-susun macam puzzle macam ni?]

Though some opinions of mine may sound ridiculous but you know, you just can't simply stop something when you are addicted to it. And I am a passionate blogger ; should have proudly claimed. Besides, this is the only time when I could do this without having any worries. Lepas ni dah tak ada masa free. Sambung belajar,kan? Masing-masing pun nak kejar cita-cita jugak. InsyaAllah..

p/s : Kawan-kawan,drastik sangat ke kerajinan aku update blog?

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