Saturday, February 5, 2011

Unspoken Will

Dear juniors,

Sometimes life throws you a curveball, hands you a lemon, or knocks you for a loop. But knowing how to approach a failure is the first step to make everything goes to how it is supposed to be. And as someone who should be considered as a perceived observer, I would love to make a reprimand to my beloved juniors citizen of SEKOLAH MENENGAH SAINS BAGAN DATOH.

Yeah,captivated by my fellow pioneer of SEKOLAH MENENGAH SAINS BAGAN DATOH. Not to mention, in this particular post, I should be writing many or a bunch of the word of SEKOLAH MENENGAH SAINS BAGAN DATOH. And to be clearly explained the purpose of this ; I am talking about the school.

Let's give just a month. A month after we,NOVA-X left the school for good. And now, all kinds of news reached our ears. Come on guys,its just a month. And did you really expect us to hear this? Being suspended from school, demerit points, being caught for smoking on the first week of school, being rude with teachers, being an amateur thief that lead to a poke in the jaw, juniors and seniors seems to repel on each other and so on. So,is that how you give the resonance of a school? Is that what you called as a "good progress"?

Labeled us busybody. Tagged us as barking dogs. But still,I truly believe my dear fellow NOVA-X would do whatever it takes to keep a distance from hearing such news. As the first product of SEKOLAH MENENGAH SAINS BAGAN DATOH, we do have the regret lies inside us. Just so you know,we explored almost everything there. We discovered many things too. And we are the pioneer of almost the leadership. We set up the cultural of the school. We know everything beyond your limitation better than you do.

Thriving the school since the first moment of its opening, I must say the last time we stepped out the school, we were actually putting mounts of hopes, that what have been carved by us, will remain there and inherited by you,the next generation. Which symbolically, it includes almost everything.

The relationship among you students,among the teachers, and most vitally among the "culture" that have been practiced since before. Dear SABDARIANS, please do yourself a favour. Everyone deserves a second chance. Educate yourself to adapt with new things. And that's a particular reason there is always a room for mistakes. Ignite the serenity that should be linger around the school's compound. Spread on the magic charm so the school could be as vibrant as it is supposed to be. Let's be the wizard of our own.

Lots of Love,
Seniors of NOVA-X.


  1. betol betol betol. 1000% agreed la dear (:


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