Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Out from The Ordinary.

I've bought a few books just now. And I'm still making my way to finish all of them. Okay, this time I kind of widening my books range. Switching to the new genre, unlike before. And decided
to throw some of my cash on these :-

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Haha.. surprising huh? Why do you look so alarmed? Hey,I'm feeling well anyway. Trying some luck in breaking the barrier. Sometimes, you will find it exhilarated when you are exploring things beyond your expectation. You have my words. Trust me. =)

And by the way, I'll expose some of the content once I've finished them. But let's see. That will going to take about 2-3 months from now,I suppose. Herm..unless you are willing to wait for my so-called "content exposure", sure I will not let you down. Okay,cut the crap. Once I done reading them, for sure you'll see the latest post related.

Please suggest some of new ways to get rid the habit of "sleeping while reading". Urghh..I am so drowned in that habit. About 4 pages for a book, and for all I know, I will wake up with the book left open. I need to get over it as soon as possible.

p/s : Oh,I've just done watching Mean Girls 2. The sequel of the first one. Kind of typical but yet warming for girls, all I can say it was worth for a one time watch. Oh,if you would love to give it a try,just click the link below. Have fun!

1 comment:

  1. haha.memang tabiat sleeping while reading tu sudah terpupuk sejak kau jejakkan kaki kat sabda. kenangan weyh. haha. tido cium buku.


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