Tuesday, March 3, 2009


currently reading "I,ROBOT" novel. arghh!! i hate it. why should we ever do the nilam reading? i love reading,of course. but to write those details about the book,oh no! what a day. i'm trying to do an official letter to hand it to puan asiah about the excuse why i refused to join the "kursus kepimpinan". when i almost done everything,my last step is to print out the letter. gosh! the printer is damage! i have been trying to fix it but i guess maybe it's just not my luck. it's not working. dissappointment and anger counqered my mind. what a waste! nevermind. i told Ayah since i don't want the printer to be continously damage. well,Ayah also did the same thing like i did just now. like father like daughter. hahahaha. he went straight to check the printer and yes! absolutely it is no longer can be use,perhaps. Ayah amazed me when he was willingly said he would write the letter using his hand-writing and original sentences from his idea,of course. i was speechless but i am glad. at least i know i could always rely on Ayah whenever i am in need. thanks,Ayah and sorry for troubling you at this hour. i know you should already be sleeping at this hour.

yesterday was MSSD event. a big event for our school and definitely for every single person who joined the event. i know nothing about all the incidents happened since i was absent but nevermind. i still have my reporters to tell me every single thing happened during that day,right guys? after the event came to the end,around 11 a.m i heard voices of girls right in front of my house. actually i heard nothing at first since i was hearing the songs using headphone with the maximum volume. hahaha. but then they were very lucky when suddenly i laid my eyes to the front of my house and i saw 5 girls wore traditional clothes. i thought they were some kind of people who are trying to do direct-selling. so,i was planning to ignore them. but all of sudden it appears to my mind,ain told me the day before they will be heading to my house to spend time. ouh,and i rushed to find the keys. hahaha. lucky it didn't take too long to find them. and as usual,one by one story came out from their mouth. around 1 p.m,they started to lie on my bed and sleep. indescribeable tiredness i think. so i let them to have their short nap. naddy went back around 1.15 since her mother fetch her at my house. while nabel went back around 3 o'clock because she got tuition class to attend and as for romai,she went back alone without nabel around 4 o'clock. and ain was the last person to leave my house and i have a very long and good conversation with her about almost evrything. thank you,NANIRO. all of you really make my day!

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