Sunday, March 8, 2009

Feeling Empty

We started our BI class with our new English practical teacher. I could barely remember her name. My apology,teacher! I didn’t put any expectation towards her since I understand she is just a practical teacher and it means she is still in her learning process just like us. We are in the same boat. Undeniable I was a bit disappointed that we will be having Pn.Hazlina in just about another 4 months. It is so unfair to compare her with Pn.Hazlina who is an experienced teacher,isn’t it? So the class began and we introduced ourselves one by one. Right after that, we proceeded with our public speaking. As for NANIRO, we had our very own public speaking at the back of the class since we conquered the last two rows so obviously we can’t hear clearly every single word from the speech. But still, we understand the whole topic . One of our classmates was presenting his speech and obviously everybody get emotional with all his points when he stated something that every single person who still has a sense of humanity will absolutely object his opinion. But still, my salutation for him because he looked completely ready when the whole class attacked him question by question and that was it! He was speechless for the last question. No more strong reasons to defend himself. Haha. Before the class dismissed, the teacher asked us what do we learned from all the speeches. Suddenly, teacher pointed her finger at us. And our hero, Ain stood up and voice out her opinion. Woah, 10 marks for Ain! Haha. And for me, I learned that we can’t please everyone with our opinion. So,we have to learn to speak out our point of view without hesitate as long as it is not against the human’s nature. I also learned that high confident level help us to convince people. But yet, I still do not have any. What am I supposed to do, dear?

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