Saturday, March 14, 2009

Not My Luck,Perhaps!

I just checked at the MOE website for the second intake of students to boarding school. And once again, I did not get any offer. A bit disappointed but this time I am more well-prepared mentally. Haha! I texted Ayah to inform him about it since he is out for camp and will only be back on Sunday. I don't know what is his reaction but maybe he's just like me. Disappointed for being rejected but hey! Every cloud has a silver lining,remember? I'll be waiting for the silver lining to come to me. Oh,one of my classmate, Farah Dini got an offer to SM Sains Seri Puteri. Just how lucky she is! I informed her already but still not sure whether she'll accept the offer or not. Well,the decision is yours,Dini. Mom soothed me,saying that regardless of which school you entered,the main thing is that you are able to study well. I told my best friend,Izyan and she said the same thing. Yeah, I know I have everyone to be my shoulder to cry on. Thanks for the efforts to keep my spirits up.

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