Saturday, March 14, 2009

Damn Morons!

Gosh! I cursed a lot yesterday! Seriously. I left my pencil case at 5 ST/1 classroom. Actually, I know nothing about my pencil case when suddenly, I were about to go back home after school dismissed, I searched for my pencil case in my beg but it was nowhere to be found. And I remembered that maybe I left my pencil case at 5 ST 1. And yes,exactly! It was there. I saw it but too bad I couldn't just opened the door of the class to take my pencil case since it was locked. Totally forgot that afternoon session will be using that classroom so I thought it was safe to leave it there. So, I just went back worried for nothing since I planned to take it on the next day.

And on the next day which was on Friday, as soon as I reached to my class and put the bag, I asked Ain to come with me to take my pencil case. Of course, I expected everything will be just fine but unfortunately,it turned out there was nothing left in my pencil case. My stationary had been stolen and most importantly, they stole my scientific calculator. Hey damn morons, are you living in poverty that you have to steal? Oh, I wish you are 'cause if you are not I swear you will never get my blessing or permission or whatever you may call it which means you are using my things illegally and you will never live in peace! Huh! There you go! Stupid people always get on my nerves. The worst part was even the key chain that I put at the pencil case also had been stolen! Argh!! What kind of human are they? Oh,and to make it worst,they even replaced all my things in the pencil case and filled it with their rubbish. Did they ever learned something about manners? What a pathetic human being! Keep on praying I will never know you are the culprit. If I ever know, I tell you what, you will never get away,retarded kids! Okay, I'm done. Oh,yeah! I would like to say sorry to Ain for accidently hit her face with my pencil case. You know, they pissed me off and I just can't get over it. Don't know who responsible for it. Sorry,Ain!

I don't know why but I just can't resist myself from crying when I got to know they stole my things. I cried all the way to go back to my class. But thanks to Nabel, for lend me her money to buy all new stationary. Thanks so much Nabel! I just can't describe it in words how thankful I am. I know the others also sympathy with my situation but maybe they just don't have enough money to lend me. Nevermind. I appreciate them too. Besides,we are friends,right?

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