Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hold It

Thursday - 19 Nov 2009

Today all of the Form 4's will need to present their speechs for public speaking. Gotcha! I didn't prepare anything just yet. I was very determined to did my speech spontaneously-but the determination flew away as I stepped in the class. Most of them were fully prepared. Gosh! Why did they do it for God sake? Haha. So,I took out a paper to start writing my speech unwillingly. Allah loves me more,I managed to complete two paragraphs.

My class, Al-Farghani combined with Al-Jazari and Al-Haitham; as Al-Batani combined with Al-Biruni. Being among the chosen ones, we took hall as the location of the day. Haha! Those two classes were placed at the school's library. As they say ; cherish every moment you had. So I practically using this phrase while waiting for my turn. My hands started to show the sign of nervousness(did I say it correctly?). Felt the coldness though I shouldn't.

Looking at how other people present their speechs, I just can't find my breath. Seriously, they freak me out! After Akif's turn, then it was mine. The stage is all yours, Izzatul Nazihah! I was standing with or honestly without any confidence within me to face the crowd. All the ideas that I locked inside my head,could barely be unlocked. So,there you go! I was totally clueless what the hell I was mumbling on the stage. Hopefully they could understand my words.
I swear, all the words I uttered just came out accidently.

Again,my hands will not stop show the fearness. Finally,I did it! Relieve.. I'm not a prisoner of mind anymore. Haha! We spent the whole day at the hall ; watching people showing their skills. Big applause to them! Prep class was cancelled that afternoon. It was replaced by tidying up the class. We took off all the papers on the notice board,swept the floor and for some of them,they packed all their books in the locker as we were told to ensure the locker empty for this long holiday.

That night,teachers gave us the chance to start packing our things. So,there will be no prep class. After took the shower, I started to pack my things. There were a lot of them and I did not have enough bags. As the clock struck 12, I could not resist my eyes from looking at the bed. Enough for today. I need to give my body some rest. Wish me sweet dreams,wishing stars!

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